Why Is XRP Price Still Low? XRP is a digital currency that powers by Bosun Sogeke Jan, 2024

January 31, 2024by Onwuachi Peter

why is xrp price so low

Instead of settling, like most other projects do, Ripple’s CEO has decided to fight the charges. The legal dispute has been going on for three years, and as things stand, Ripple is in a strong position to prevail. If that happens, Ripple’s reputation will be restored, and the platform’s innovative global payments system will gain widespread adoption from investors. The fact that XRP tokens, like Bitcoin, will eventually be completely legalised and regulated, makes it a highly reliable cryptocurrency.

XRP price is $0.5133, yielding nearly 2% weekly gains for holders. The native token of the XRPLedger is holding steady despite the status of the Automated Market why is xrp price so low Maker (AMM) amendment proposal. According to the latest long-term repo price forecast, XRP will rise to $2.56 by the end of 2023 and $8.07 by the end of 2025.

Coin Prices

This July, U.S. District Judge Analisa Torres ruled that Ripple’s sales of XRP tokens didn’t constitute a sale of unregistered securities and had more in common with a foreign currency transaction. Torres rejected a request by the SEC to appeal that ruling in October, and the SEC subsequently dropped its initial claims against Ripple’s two executives. However, the lack of a clear resolution continues to depress XRP’s price in this choppy market. Rising interest rates drove investors to abandon cryptocurrencies, meme stocks, and other speculative investments in favor of more conservative investments over the past two years. That slowdown heralded the beginning of a new “crypto winter,” which chilled the world’s leading cryptocurrencies and most crypto-related stocks. This is when the real XRP price will be seen on the charts, which needs to be in 5 digits, for it to transact cross-border payments efficiently with enough liquidity.

  • XRP will still be repeatedly compared to Ether, Solana, and other similar tokens, but it might be the right time for bold investors to pull the trigger.
  • It’s also down by 85% since its current all-time high of $3.40, set back in January 2018.
  • After deciding which type of deal you want to make, you can enter the amount of crypto you like to buy or sell, as well as your preferred price (if necessary).
  • Securities and Exchange Commission, it is likely that more traders will participate in Ripple’s transactions.

We could see a significant increase in price, and the charts suggest that this could be a wise investment for those happy to take a long-term position. As a result, we don’t think it’s possible to say whether or not XRP will hit $1,000. By 2030, the price of XRP might rise to above $5 per token if both crypto demand and Ripple’s commercial effort are successful.

The ultimate bullish scenario for XRP

The resilience XRP exhibited during the long court battle underscores its potential to go through rough patches and still emerge stronger. In terms of where its price could lead following a positive judgment, there’s an extremely strong probability that it will pass $1 again. More generally, commentators have noted that the SEC did not provide Ripple with fair warning that XRP would likely be considered a security. And given the evidence supporting this claim, there’s a very good chance the court will agree.

why is xrp price so low

The maximum leverage offered by BTCC for daily futures contracts is 150x. The vast variety of futures offered by BTCC accommodates the trading habits and objectives of both novice and seasoned traders.We offer the USDT-margined futures and Coin-margined futures . Users can trade futures using USDT or cryptos like BTC, ETH, and Ripple (XRP). And Large orders of up to 300 BTC can be executed at the top price levels. Most analysts expect Ripple’s price to reach $10 by 2030, as indicated by XRP estimates. Ripple is poised to play a significant role in payment solutions, which might boost the price of XRP as cryptocurrency use increases.

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Yet with the coin still up by 30% in a year, and with the prospect of a final conclusion to the Ripple-SEC case this year, the XRP price could recover strongly in the coming months. XRP has now risen by 3.5% in a week, yet the major altcoin actually remains down by 7% in the https://www.tokenexus.com/what-is-quant-coin-and-what-are-the-advantages-of-it/ last 30 days, an underperformance relative to its peers. The decision-makers sitting up the ladder are usually aged individuals who are far away from technology. Expecting them to understand blockchain for cross-border payments, is like expecting Mammoth to be alive again.

  • If XRP is going to soar in value, three key things need to happen.
  • Ripple XRP Price Forecast is fairly adamant that the price of XRP will rise for the remainder of the decade.That said, Ripple’s fight with the SEC is not over yet, so investors should be careful.
  • Ripple and its XRP token are navigating a challenging regulatory landscape, often facing unclear and potentially hostile regulations.
  • The current market is mostly driven by retail players and this is the reason, why the real movement in the XRP price is not happening.
  • XRP has been used as a method of currency transfer through the network since 2012.

(After publishing, Ripple contacted us to say that the firm only made $1.75 million in direct institutional sales and the rest went back into its own escrow accounts). It isn’t hard to work out why XRP’s circulating supply is growing at a staggering rate either. Each quarter, Ripple—the company that helps to maintain the XRP blockchain—releases hundreds of millions of XRP from its escrow wallets.

Beyond the current technical structure, XRP futures are facing a persistent open interest drop, suggesting low expectations of further price increases. Coinglass data shows the open interest sliding to $530 million from $652 million in November and $928 million in July. The Super Trend indicator’s position above the price is a signal that investors should temper expectations and be ready to act if the tables turn.

why is xrp price so low

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